Album Review: Ben Howard ‘I Forget Where We Were’ [Qmunicate]


Where Every Kingdom, Ben Howard’s Brit Award winning and Mercury nominated first album, was dominated by acoustic, melodic riffs, I Forget Where We Were feels darker, more atmospheric and slow burning than his debut.

This second album holds much more in common with Howard’s haunting EP The Burgh Island where broody songs such as ‘Oats in the Water’ replaced the catchy guitar strings of his earlier releases. That’s not to say this collection of meditative, moody tracks lack the distinctiveness which the, now overtly familiar, melodies of ‘The Wolves’ and ‘Only Love’ had in Every Kingdom – the subtle guitar tabs on ‘She Treats Me Well’ will please fans of Howard’s former work.

However, there is less of on individuality to each song this time. The title track is perhaps the most single-worthy, but more upbeat songs such as ‘Rivers In Your Mouth’ still create a variety which prevents any sense of repetitiveness. Perhaps with the exception of ‘In Dreams’, his previous acoustic characteristic has been replaced by the slow, echoing of electric guitar – a trend set in the opening track ‘Small Things’ – and reverberates throughout.

This article was originally published in Qmunicate Magazine

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