Album Review: Fictonian, Desire Lines [Qmunicate]

Desire Lines, the debut album from Glen Roberts aka Fictonian, is a collection of songs oozing with the rusty rawness of the autumn countryside.

Roberts left the buzz of London for the Herefordshire countryside to record his debut and the stillness of the country atmosphere is echoed throughout the album. The subtle guitar chords of opening track ‘Anticipation’ which build towards the introduction of Roberts’ whispery vocals, call the likes of Benjamin Francis Leftwich to mind. It is the strong piano chords on ‘I Remember’, however, which characterises the album most successfully: simple yet melancholic.

I wasn’t largely moved when it had finished. There is a slight blandness to the overall tone of the album which renders it most suitable as background music. Though the strange variation of notes in the introduction to ‘Mrs Jones’ may make for notable pause, the album is overall best played in the environment of cosy, tattered-couch cafés, accompanied by chatter and the smell of brewing coffee.

This article originally appeared in Qmunicate magazine

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