Clydebank hosts historical photography exhibition

Clydebank’s history is being displayed in a new photo exhibition to commemorate the town’s past.

The exhibition, named Clydebank: 130 Years, is free and will tour the town’s main libraries across October. The photographs track the town’s history from its conception as a borough in 1886.

Andrew Graham, West Dunbartonshire Council’s collections officer from the museums department, said “Clydebank is quite a young town. It became a borough in 1886. Before that, it owes its foundation to the Thomson brothers.

“The pictures show so much of the history of the area – the laying of the foundation stone at Clydebank town hall for example, that is still here today.”

The exhibition is expected to be attended by all ages from the area and Mr Graham said the event has been attended by multi-generational groups.

80 year-old Margaret Ryan, a former employee of the needle plant in the Singer Sewing Machine Factory and a life-long resident of Clydebank, said the exhibition ‘brought back all my memories going way back’.

Mrs Ryan said she was reminded of how ‘Clydebank used to be so busy you had to jump on the bus quickly before the ship-yards came out, so you could get up the road on time. There was a great community and everyone knew everyone.’

The exhibition also documents the role of Clydebank during the Second World War and the destruction of the Blitz which obliterated many areas of the town.

Mrs Ryan was 6 years old when the Blitz hit Clydebank, she said ‘We were very lucky that our family survived’. Mrs Ryan said the exhibition reminded her how much debris was left throughout the town.

The exhibition is currently at Faifley library and will then move to Dalmuir, Parkhall and Clydebank libraries.

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