Scottish school literacy rates decline over four years (video)

The standard of literacy among Scottish school pupils has declined over the last four years according to new figures.

The findings, released by the Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy, show a drop in the performance of 13 – 14 year-olds in writing skills with pupils from the most deprived areas performing worse than those from the least deprived. Continue reading “Scottish school literacy rates decline over four years (video)”

Theatre Review and Audience Reaction: Coriolanus Vanishes (Video)

Dir. David Leddy, Tron Theatre, 14th – 22nd April 2017

This latest production from writer and performer David Leddy with Exit Plan Theatre Company at Glasgow’s Tron Theatre explored the conflicts and paranoia of a man battling an identity crisis.

Leddy plays Chris, a man fraught by sexual anxiety, family responsibility and ethical compromises due to his corporate job in the British and Saudi Arabian arms trade. Continue reading “Theatre Review and Audience Reaction: Coriolanus Vanishes (Video)”

Glasgow stands up to Tory Rape Clause (Video)

Over 300 protesters took to Glasgow’s George Square last night to demonstrate against the UK government’s changes to child tax credits.

The reforms would introduce a ‘family cap’ to the benefit meaning women can only claim welfare for two children unless it can be proven that any subsequent children are a result of rape or an abusive relationship. Continue reading “Glasgow stands up to Tory Rape Clause (Video)”

From Kilpatrick to Kampala: how social enterprise unites vulnerable children in Scotland and Uganda

Through the art of jewellery-making, children who attend a Scottish school enjoy an international partnership with young people in the slums of Kampala, Uganda.

Kilpatrick is a school for children and young people from birth to 18 years with physical, sensory, behavioural or medical additional support needs, located in Clydebank, west of Glasgow. Continue reading “From Kilpatrick to Kampala: how social enterprise unites vulnerable children in Scotland and Uganda”

Arts Preview: A Machine They’re Secretly Building

Proto-type theatre bring their new work, A Machine They’re Secretly Building, to Glasgow’s Tron Theatre next week as part of their UK tour.

Written by Andrew Westerside and Proto-type theatre, the play draws from the theatre company’s tradition of multi-media performance. Continue reading “Arts Preview: A Machine They’re Secretly Building”

First Female Statue on Parliament Square? About Time! [The Caledonian Times]

Standing in the square just northwest of the Parliament of Westminster are eleven statues of men. Among those honoured in bronze include pioneers of democracy such as Mahatma Gandhi and human rights revolutionary Nelson Mandela. These men symbolise histories of racial and political struggle, philosophy and innovation and serve as a reminder of the importance of equality and the democratic process. Yet there are no women standing at Parliament Square.

Continue reading “First Female Statue on Parliament Square? About Time! [The Caledonian Times]”

Scotland on Screen: A brief history [The Caledonian Times]

an Times]The internet is currently buzzing with the news that the latest Avengers movie will begin filming in Scotland this month. Last week saw the arrival of the movie’s stars to the country with Elizabeth Olsen being spotted entering the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh and co-star Jeremy Renner tweeting a photo of himself on a plane captioned “it’s time”. Continue reading “Scotland on Screen: A brief history [The Caledonian Times]”

Film Review: Personal Shopper

Dir. Olivier Assayas, released 17th March

Having previously worked alongside Juliette Binoche in 2014’s Clouds of Sils Maria, Kristen Stewart is once again cast by French director Olivier Assayas for Personal Shopper. Written and directed by Assayas, the film is equally naturalistic and peculiar. Continue reading “Film Review: Personal Shopper”

Milo Yiannopoulos, Free Speech and Glasgow University (The Huffington Post UK)


I only ever dipped my toe into the water of student politics. For some it is a serious, passionate conversation, for others it is a vague annoyance you encounter on the way to a morning lecture. With many, I sat somewhere in-between. There is undeniably a problem with student engagement in the running of their campuses. Despite student groups being at the forefront of (usually left-wing) national and international causes – from anti-austerity voices to marches against Trump – there is a consistent lack of interest in the local politics which govern a university itself. Voting turnout for union elections is consistently low and apathy towards bodies such as the National Union of Students is growing. Continue reading “Milo Yiannopoulos, Free Speech and Glasgow University (The Huffington Post UK)”

More health visitors needed on the ground to combat lack of specialist care for post-natal depression

More health visitors on the ground visiting houses are needed to help women suffering mental health issues during or after pregnancy according to a Glasgow health visitor.

Alice O’Toole, an NHS health visitor in the East Renfrewshire area, said improvements must be made in the amount of home contact professionals have with women in the pre-natal stages. Continue reading “More health visitors needed on the ground to combat lack of specialist care for post-natal depression”