Interview: Amal Azzudin, human rights campaigner (Positively Scottish)


It began with a campaign 12 years ago which achieved national prominence and became a notable play and musical.

But for one young woman at the heart of the story, the real-life lessons of then are very relevant to today.

Back in 2005, 15-year-old Amal Azzudin joined six classmates at Drumchapel High School in forming a group to fight the detention of their friend, Agnesa from Kosovo. Continue reading “Interview: Amal Azzudin, human rights campaigner (Positively Scottish)”

Interview Feature: Johnny McKnight, Writer, Director, Performer

The Tron Theatre Bar is tranquil on a Monday afternoon. There is a murmur of conversation in the corner and the sound of the coffee machine is the only interruption to the soft saxophone playing overhead. “This,” says Johnny McKnight, flustered and breathless from pantomime rehearsals, “is the calm before the storm.” Continue reading “Interview Feature: Johnny McKnight, Writer, Director, Performer”

Interview: James Kane, EIS union representative [Qmunicate]


I spoke to EIS Union representation, James Kane, about the recent teacher strike in West Dunbartonshire Council and discovered what the dispute will mean for student teachers soon to enter the profession.

The EIS received support for this strike from approximately 9 out of every 10 members who participated in the ballot. Why was the strike on Tuesday and the subsequent work-to-rule action necessary?

West Dunbartonshire Council is under pressure to make cuts and wants to save £600,000 from the education budget. It is not prepared to back down over its plans on restructuring and creation of faculties, even though the vast majority of teachers are opposed to it. Continue reading “Interview: James Kane, EIS union representative [Qmunicate]”

Interview: Gemma Stroyan, actress

Gemma Stroyan is currently touring the UK with the cast of the play adaptation of Peter James’ bestselling crime novel Dead Simple. I met her after her opening night performance as Ashley Harper, the role she performed for the entirety of the Glasgow run. After some initial chat about how wonderful the Theatre Royal is as a venue – ‘It really is like a dream come true to perform here’ she explained – we launched into conversation about her time as an English Student at Glasgow University, STaG, Shakespeare, and what makes a good crime story. Continue reading “Interview: Gemma Stroyan, actress”

Interview: Patrick Harvie, Scottish Green Party co-convenor

Principled, dedicated and openly bisexual, Patrick Harvie seemingly defies the stereotype of being a politician in 21st Century Britain. Since 2003 he has been a member of the Scottish Parliament and co-convenor of the Scottish Green Party. During the Scottish Independence referendum his message of social justice, equality and the removal of Trident from Scotland struck a chord with many, most notably young voters.  Continue reading “Interview: Patrick Harvie, Scottish Green Party co-convenor”