Theatre Review and Audience Reaction: Coriolanus Vanishes (Video)

Dir. David Leddy, Tron Theatre, 14th – 22nd April 2017

This latest production from writer and performer David Leddy with Exit Plan Theatre Company at Glasgow’s Tron Theatre explored the conflicts and paranoia of a man battling an identity crisis.

Leddy plays Chris, a man fraught by sexual anxiety, family responsibility and ethical compromises due to his corporate job in the British and Saudi Arabian arms trade. Continue reading “Theatre Review and Audience Reaction: Coriolanus Vanishes (Video)”

Film Review: Personal Shopper

Dir. Olivier Assayas, released 17th March

Having previously worked alongside Juliette Binoche in 2014’s Clouds of Sils Maria, Kristen Stewart is once again cast by French director Olivier Assayas for Personal Shopper. Written and directed by Assayas, the film is equally naturalistic and peculiar. Continue reading “Film Review: Personal Shopper”

Film Review: La La Land

It opens with a bunch of optimistic, brightly coloured dancers bursting out of their cars on a freeway traffic jam leading into Los Angeles.  La La Land makes itself very clear from the beginning: this is a film about kids with big dreams and unwavering passions. Continue reading “Film Review: La La Land”

TV Review: NW

BB2, 14th November 2016, 9pm

“I need to slip into the lives of other people.”

When Natalie, a confused, lonely barrister, with all the trimmings of an ideal middle class life, admits this to herself it is a revelation.

BBC Two’s adaptation of Zadie Smith’s novel NW is about unhappiness, aspiration and the trappings of social mobility in a class-riddled Britain. Continue reading “TV Review: NW”

Theatre Review: A Steady Rain [Review Sphere]


Dir. Mary McCluskey, Tron Theatre, 16th – 24thSeptember 2016

Taking a former Broadway play and adaptingit for a smaller stage space with a Scottish audience is tricky. There is the problem of dialect as the play in question, A Steady Rain by writer Keith Huff (of House of Cards and Mad Men), chronicles the brotherly relationship between two Chicago cops with thick, fast paced accents to boot. Then there is the issue of staging, the original script having detailed stage direction and large scale production.

Thankfully Theatre Jezebel’s performance jumps both of these hurdles. Continue reading “Theatre Review: A Steady Rain [Review Sphere]”

Album Review:Rihanna Anti [Qmunicate]


Since its official announcement in November, the arrival of Rihanna’s eighth studio album has been rather convoluted. From the inconsistent social media PR to its premature release on Tidal, the promotion of Anti has felt less flawlessly manufactured than the popstar’s previous releases. Perhaps that’s a good thing. There is something raw about this new album. Continue reading “Album Review:Rihanna Anti [Qmunicate]”

Album Review: Lissie My Wild West [Qmunicate]

My Wild West is the third studio album by Lissie, the singer-songwriter famed for the success of her critically acclaimed 2010 debut Catching a Tiger, followed by 2013’s less-loved Back to Forever. Her distinctive, earthy vocals have earned just comparisons with Stevie Nicks and this new album offers multiple opportunities for range. Continue reading “Album Review: Lissie My Wild West [Qmunicate]”

Album Review: Fictonian, Desire Lines [Qmunicate]

Desire Lines, the debut album from Glen Roberts aka Fictonian, is a collection of songs oozing with the rusty rawness of the autumn countryside.

Roberts left the buzz of London for the Herefordshire countryside to record his debut and the stillness of the country atmosphere is echoed throughout the album. The subtle guitar chords of opening track ‘Anticipation’ which build towards the introduction of Roberts’ whispery vocals, call the likes of Benjamin Francis Leftwich to mind. Continue reading “Album Review: Fictonian, Desire Lines [Qmunicate]”

Theatre Review: A Christmas Carol


Dir. Dominic Hill, Citizens, 29th November ‘14 – 3rd January ‘15

As the audience settle into their seats, the small cast of The Citizens Theatre’s latest production of A Christmas Carol, subtly assemble to form a folk band, performing under the intricate silhouette of the London skyline hung above them. Slowly the audience, adults and children alike, begin to sing along as the performers play old nativity hymns starting with Away in a Manger and finishing with Silent Night. Continue reading “Theatre Review: A Christmas Carol”

Film Review: Standing Tall [Qmunicate]


Opening Cannes Film Festival to over nine minutes of standing ovation, Emmanuelle Bercot’sStanding Tall (La Tête Haute) not only heralds the first female director to do so since 1987 (the slot usually going to big names such as Baz Luhrmann and Woody Allen) but also the introduction of Rod Paradot, a young student discovered by Bercot and cast in the leading role of youth offender Malony Ferrandot. Continue reading “Film Review: Standing Tall [Qmunicate]”