Scotland on Screen: A brief history [The Caledonian Times]

an Times]The internet is currently buzzing with the news that the latest Avengers movie will begin filming in Scotland this month. Last week saw the arrival of the movieโ€™s stars to the country with Elizabeth Olsen being spotted entering the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh and co-star Jeremy Renner tweeting a photo of himself on a plane captioned โ€œitโ€™s timeโ€. Continue reading “Scotland on Screen: A brief history [The Caledonian Times]”

Would we care more about refugees if they were white?

This week, Save The Children published a video of a young red-haired girl staring down the camera as her family fled a war zone.

The video follows a similar video made previously in which the same little girl wakes up in her comfortable English home and the world around her begins to deteriorate. Continue reading “Would we care more about refugees if they were white?”