Film Review: Personal Shopper

Dir. Olivier Assayas, released 17th March

Having previously worked alongside Juliette Binoche in 2014’s Clouds of Sils Maria, Kristen Stewart is once again cast by French director Olivier Assayas for Personal Shopper. Written and directed by Assayas, the film is equally naturalistic and peculiar. Continue reading “Film Review: Personal Shopper”

Milo Yiannopoulos, Free Speech and Glasgow University (The Huffington Post UK)


I only ever dipped my toe into the water of student politics. For some it is a serious, passionate conversation, for others it is a vague annoyance you encounter on the way to a morning lecture. With many, I sat somewhere in-between. There is undeniably a problem with student engagement in the running of their campuses. Despite student groups being at the forefront of (usually left-wing) national and international causes – from anti-austerity voices to marches against Trump – there is a consistent lack of interest in the local politics which govern a university itself. Voting turnout for union elections is consistently low and apathy towards bodies such as the National Union of Students is growing. Continue reading “Milo Yiannopoulos, Free Speech and Glasgow University (The Huffington Post UK)”

More health visitors needed on the ground to combat lack of specialist care for post-natal depression

More health visitors on the ground visiting houses are needed to help women suffering mental health issues during or after pregnancy according to a Glasgow health visitor.

Alice O’Toole, an NHS health visitor in the East Renfrewshire area, said improvements must be made in the amount of home contact professionals have with women in the pre-natal stages. Continue reading “More health visitors needed on the ground to combat lack of specialist care for post-natal depression”

Council’s homeless housing plan labelled a ‘disaster’

The use of B&Bs and other private businesses as temporary accommodation for homeless people is ‘not sustainable’ according to leading charities.

The Invisibles, an organisation based in Glasgow, call the approach of local authorities towards temporary accommodation a ‘disaster waiting to happen’ as money is spent on short-term solutions such as hotels and B&Bs as opposed to investment in public housing. Continue reading “Council’s homeless housing plan labelled a ‘disaster’”

Interview: Amal Azzudin, human rights campaigner (Positively Scottish)


It began with a campaign 12 years ago which achieved national prominence and became a notable play and musical.

But for one young woman at the heart of the story, the real-life lessons of then are very relevant to today.

Back in 2005, 15-year-old Amal Azzudin joined six classmates at Drumchapel High School in forming a group to fight the detention of their friend, Agnesa from Kosovo. Continue reading “Interview: Amal Azzudin, human rights campaigner (Positively Scottish)”

Film Review: La La Land

It opens with a bunch of optimistic, brightly coloured dancers bursting out of their cars on a freeway traffic jam leading into Los Angeles.  La La Land makes itself very clear from the beginning: this is a film about kids with big dreams and unwavering passions. Continue reading “Film Review: La La Land”

Clydebank betting shops to face regulation from council

New powers could allow Councillors to limit the number of betting shops in Clydebank.

The law currently allows bookmakers to open branches with the understanding that they provide a “financial service”.

This could be set to change however, as local authorities will receive the right to consider each individual planning submission for fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT) on an individual merit. Continue reading “Clydebank betting shops to face regulation from council”