Digital Democracy [Qmunicate]


On 17th September 2011 people gathered in Zuccotti Park near New York City Financial District led by the Canadian anti-consumerist grassroots group Adbusters to initiate what would become internationally known as the Occupy Movement. Individuals from across the city met to protest against the gaping inequalities of free market capitalism and the injustice of the 1 percent’s monopoly over global finance. Continue reading “Digital Democracy [Qmunicate]”

In Defence of ‘Clickivism’ [Qmunicate]


It is commonly regarded that the internet went ‘public’ in 1991. I was born in 1994 meaning I have never lived in a world where an online presence was inactive.

When we speak, as we often do, of the pre-online age, we really are discussing an entirely different historical era. Continue reading “In Defence of ‘Clickivism’ [Qmunicate]”

Talkin’ Bout a Revolution [Qmunicate]

There’s been a lot of talk of revolution lately.

Whether you care for the romanticised spiritualism of Russell Brand (#ReLOVEution), feel inspired by the occupation of Parliament Square or look out further to the democratic protests in Hong Kong, it’s difficult to escape the reverberating demands for change. Continue reading “Talkin’ Bout a Revolution [Qmunicate]”