Arts Preview: A Machine They’re Secretly Building

Proto-type theatre bring their new work, A Machine They’re Secretly Building, to Glasgow’s Tron Theatre next week as part of their UK tour.

Written by Andrew Westerside and Proto-type theatre, the play draws from the theatre company’s tradition of multi-media performance. Continue reading “Arts Preview: A Machine They’re Secretly Building”

Theatre Review: All My Sons [Qmunicate]

Dir: Michael Emas, Theatre Royal, 1st – 5th Sept 2015

Played out upon the wooden frontyard decking of the Keller family home, Rapture Theatre’s production of Arthur Miller’s 1947 play examines the consequences of capitalism’s clutches on a war torn nation. “I’m practical now”, states a disheartened, betrayed Chris Keller (Robert Jack) to his corrupt businessman father, Joe (David Tarkenter), “and I spit on myself”. Being practical works well in both war and business, being human does not. Continue reading “Theatre Review: All My Sons [Qmunicate]”