The Victoria’s Secret Show Needs to Stop

It markets itself, perhaps earnestly, as the “most watched fashion show in the world” and hosts a line-up of musical entertainment unlike anything seen at fashion week, but the Victoria’s Secret Show does not belong in 2016. Continue reading “The Victoria’s Secret Show Needs to Stop”

No Heels, No Entry! Life for women at film festivals. [Qmunicate]

Cannes You Believe It?

It almost feels superfluous to report upon the double standards within the film industry. Nonetheless, the news that women at Cannes have been denied access to events for the faux pas of wearing flat shoes has gotten people talking. Continue reading “No Heels, No Entry! Life for women at film festivals. [Qmunicate]”

The Fashion Industry: A Conflicted Relationship [Qmunicate]


Whether you follow the catwalks of fashion week or not, it is likely you have seen images from last week’s Chanel show in Paris. Led by a bemused Karl Lagerfeld and loudspeaker armed Cara Delevingne, models paraded down the Grand Palais with an array of banners and slogans mimicking the tropes of a feminist rally. There was nothing inherently wrong with this charade. Part of me wanted to be glad of it: fashion embracing feminism, what’s not to celebrate? Sadly, the cynic within me is just rolling her eyes. Continue reading “The Fashion Industry: A Conflicted Relationship [Qmunicate]”