Theatre Review and Audience Reaction: Coriolanus Vanishes (Video)

Dir. David Leddy, Tron Theatre, 14th – 22nd April 2017

This latest production from writer and performer David Leddy with Exit Plan Theatre Company at Glasgow’s Tron Theatre explored the conflicts and paranoia of a man battling an identity crisis.

Leddy plays Chris, a man fraught by sexual anxiety, family responsibility and ethical compromises due to his corporate job in the British and Saudi Arabian arms trade. Continue reading “Theatre Review and Audience Reaction: Coriolanus Vanishes (Video)”

Glasgow stands up to Tory Rape Clause (Video)

Over 300 protesters took to Glasgow’s George Square last night to demonstrate against the UK government’s changes to child tax credits.

The reforms would introduce a ‘family cap’ to the benefit meaning women can only claim welfare for two children unless it can be proven that any subsequent children are a result of rape or an abusive relationship. Continue reading “Glasgow stands up to Tory Rape Clause (Video)”

Council’s homeless housing plan labelled a ‘disaster’

The use of B&Bs and other private businesses as temporary accommodation for homeless people is ‘not sustainable’ according to leading charities.

The Invisibles, an organisation based in Glasgow, call the approach of local authorities towards temporary accommodation a ‘disaster waiting to happen’ as money is spent on short-term solutions such as hotels and B&Bs as opposed to investment in public housing. Continue reading “Council’s homeless housing plan labelled a ‘disaster’”

Interview Feature: Johnny McKnight, Writer, Director, Performer

The Tron Theatre Bar is tranquil on a Monday afternoon. There is a murmur of conversation in the corner and the sound of the coffee machine is the only interruption to the soft saxophone playing overhead. “This,” says Johnny McKnight, flustered and breathless from pantomime rehearsals, “is the calm before the storm.” Continue reading “Interview Feature: Johnny McKnight, Writer, Director, Performer”

Theatre Review: A Steady Rain [Review Sphere]


Dir. Mary McCluskey, Tron Theatre, 16th – 24thSeptember 2016

Taking a former Broadway play and adaptingit for a smaller stage space with a Scottish audience is tricky. There is the problem of dialect as the play in question, A Steady Rain by writer Keith Huff (of House of Cards and Mad Men), chronicles the brotherly relationship between two Chicago cops with thick, fast paced accents to boot. Then there is the issue of staging, the original script having detailed stage direction and large scale production.

Thankfully Theatre Jezebel’s performance jumps both of these hurdles. Continue reading “Theatre Review: A Steady Rain [Review Sphere]”

Theatre Review: A Christmas Carol


Dir. Dominic Hill, Citizens, 29th November ‘14 – 3rd January ‘15

As the audience settle into their seats, the small cast of The Citizens Theatre’s latest production of A Christmas Carol, subtly assemble to form a folk band, performing under the intricate silhouette of the London skyline hung above them. Slowly the audience, adults and children alike, begin to sing along as the performers play old nativity hymns starting with Away in a Manger and finishing with Silent Night. Continue reading “Theatre Review: A Christmas Carol”

Theatre Review: All My Sons [Qmunicate]

Dir: Michael Emas, Theatre Royal, 1st – 5th Sept 2015

Played out upon the wooden frontyard decking of the Keller family home, Rapture Theatre’s production of Arthur Miller’s 1947 play examines the consequences of capitalism’s clutches on a war torn nation. “I’m practical now”, states a disheartened, betrayed Chris Keller (Robert Jack) to his corrupt businessman father, Joe (David Tarkenter), “and I spit on myself”. Being practical works well in both war and business, being human does not. Continue reading “Theatre Review: All My Sons [Qmunicate]”

Live Music Review: Vulpes [Qmunicate]


Vulpes – Qudos 20/6/15

Playing the Qudos stage in the QMU as part of the West End Festival, Vulpes performed a strong setlist of distinctive originals and covers. Setting up on stage with an unassuming introduction, it’s clear they are keen to let the music speak for them, offering only rare moments of dialogue between songs. Continue reading “Live Music Review: Vulpes [Qmunicate]”

Theatre Review: The Graduettes


Dir. Sean Wilkie, The Websters Theatre, 27th April – 1st May

Following the lives of three young women who discover, supposedly, ‘that life is not exactly what Sex and the City promised them’, The Graduettes engages with the typical qualities of a sit-com but with a plot that feels inconsistent at times. Continue reading “Theatre Review: The Graduettes”

Dance Review: Dracula


Chor. Mark Bruce, Tramway, 30th October – 1st November

It may be a simple coincidence that  the Mark Bruce Company’s touring dance performance of Dracula ran in Glasgow’s Tramway on the same weekend as Halloween, but Phil Eddoll’s hauntingly gothic, interchanging set creates the perfect atmosphere for a vampire tale. Continue reading “Dance Review: Dracula”