Glasgow stands up to Tory Rape Clause (Video)

Over 300 protesters took to Glasgow’s George Square last night to demonstrate against the UK government’s changes to child tax credits.

The reforms would introduce a ‘family cap’ to the benefit meaning women can only claim welfare for two children unless it can be proven that any subsequent children are a result of rape or an abusive relationship. Continue reading “Glasgow stands up to Tory Rape Clause (Video)”

In Defence of ‘Clickivism’ [Qmunicate]


It is commonly regarded that the internet went β€˜public’ in 1991. I was born in 1994 meaning I have never lived in a world where an online presence was inactive.

When we speak, as we often do, of the pre-online age, we really are discussing an entirely different historical era. Continue reading “In Defence of ‘Clickivism’ [Qmunicate]”