From Kilpatrick to Kampala: how social enterprise unites vulnerable children in Scotland and Uganda

Through the art of jewellery-making, children who attend a Scottish school enjoy an international partnership with young people in the slums of Kampala, Uganda.

Kilpatrick is a school for children and young people from birth to 18 years with physical, sensory, behavioural or medical additional support needs, located in Clydebank, west of Glasgow. Continue reading “From Kilpatrick to Kampala: how social enterprise unites vulnerable children in Scotland and Uganda”

Council’s homeless housing plan labelled a ‘disaster’

The use of B&Bs and other private businesses as temporary accommodation for homeless people is ‘not sustainable’ according to leading charities.

The Invisibles, an organisation based in Glasgow, call the approach of local authorities towards temporary accommodation a ‘disaster waiting to happen’ as money is spent on short-term solutions such as hotels and B&Bs as opposed to investment in public housing. Continue reading “Council’s homeless housing plan labelled a ‘disaster’”

Scotland, Brexit and What Happens Next [Review Sphere]


There is a shed currently standing at venue 212 of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which invites guests to enter, four at a time, for an hour long read through of The Chilcot Enquiry. ‘Iraq Out Loud’ is a ticketed performance art piece which intends to, as stated in the programme, ‘stage a reading of the Chilcot report. Respectfully, humbly and relentlessly…’ The aim is to have had the entire report read in full, by the public, by the time the festival draws to a close in order to keep Chilcot within the consciousness of the public and ensure people have a chance to access it. Continue reading “Scotland, Brexit and What Happens Next [Review Sphere]”

Interview: Patrick Harvie, Scottish Green Party co-convenor

Principled, dedicated and openly bisexual, Patrick Harvie seemingly defies the stereotype of being a politician in 21st Century Britain. Since 2003 he has been a member of the Scottish Parliament and co-convenor of the Scottish Green Party. During the Scottish Independence referendum his message of social justice, equality and the removal of Trident from Scotland struck a chord with many, most notably young voters.  Continue reading “Interview: Patrick Harvie, Scottish Green Party co-convenor”