Teacher Strike in West Dunbartonshire [Qmunicate]

Last Tuesday members of the EIS union from all five West Dunbartonshire Council’s secondary schools came out on strike, claiming council decisions to alter the running of subject departments and principal teacher posts were purely ‘financially driven’. The strike, backed by almost nine out of every 10 union members, has been followed by a work-to-rule decision which took effect on Wednesday. Continue reading “Teacher Strike in West Dunbartonshire [Qmunicate]”

Interview: James Kane, EIS union representative [Qmunicate]


I spoke to EIS Union representation, James Kane, about the recent teacher strike in West Dunbartonshire Council and discovered what the dispute will mean for student teachers soon to enter the profession.

The EIS received support for this strike from approximately 9 out of every 10 members who participated in the ballot. Why was the strike on Tuesday and the subsequent work-to-rule action necessary?

West Dunbartonshire Council is under pressure to make cuts and wants to save £600,000 from the education budget. It is not prepared to back down over its plans on restructuring and creation of faculties, even though the vast majority of teachers are opposed to it. Continue reading “Interview: James Kane, EIS union representative [Qmunicate]”