Theatre Review and Audience Reaction: Coriolanus Vanishes (Video)

Dir. David Leddy, Tron Theatre, 14th – 22nd April 2017

This latest production from writer and performer David Leddy with Exit Plan Theatre Company at Glasgow’s Tron Theatre explored the conflicts and paranoia of a man battling an identity crisis.

Leddy plays Chris, a man fraught by sexual anxiety, family responsibility and ethical compromises due to his corporate job in the British and Saudi Arabian arms trade. Continue reading “Theatre Review and Audience Reaction: Coriolanus Vanishes (Video)”

Arts Preview: A Machine They’re Secretly Building

Proto-type theatre bring their new work, A Machine They’re Secretly Building, to Glasgow’s Tron Theatre next week as part of their UK tour.

Written by Andrew Westerside and Proto-type theatre, the play draws from the theatre company’s tradition of multi-media performance. Continue reading “Arts Preview: A Machine They’re Secretly Building”

Interview Feature: Johnny McKnight, Writer, Director, Performer

The Tron Theatre Bar is tranquil on a Monday afternoon. There is a murmur of conversation in the corner and the sound of the coffee machine is the only interruption to the soft saxophone playing overhead. “This,” says Johnny McKnight, flustered and breathless from pantomime rehearsals, “is the calm before the storm.” Continue reading “Interview Feature: Johnny McKnight, Writer, Director, Performer”

Theatre Review: A Christmas Carol


Dir. Dominic Hill, Citizens, 29th November ‘14 – 3rd January ‘15

As the audience settle into their seats, the small cast of The Citizens Theatre’s latest production of A Christmas Carol, subtly assemble to form a folk band, performing under the intricate silhouette of the London skyline hung above them. Slowly the audience, adults and children alike, begin to sing along as the performers play old nativity hymns starting with Away in a Manger and finishing with Silent Night. Continue reading “Theatre Review: A Christmas Carol”

Theatre Review: Dead Simple [Qmunicate]


Dir. Ian Talbot, Theatre Royal, 18th May – 23th May

It’s fun being part of an audience which reacts on queue to twists and turns. In stereotypical crime  drama fashion, ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ and gasps of shock erupted from the packed Theatre Royal as the revelations of Peter James’ plot emerged. Continue reading “Theatre Review: Dead Simple [Qmunicate]”

Theatre Review: The Graduettes


Dir. Sean Wilkie, The Websters Theatre, 27th April – 1st May

Following the lives of three young women who discover, supposedly, ‘that life is not exactly what Sex and the City promised them’, The Graduettes engages with the typical qualities of a sit-com but with a plot that feels inconsistent at times. Continue reading “Theatre Review: The Graduettes”

Theatre Review: The Absence of War

Dir. Jeremy Herrin, The Citizens, 31st March-4th April 2015

David Hare’s The Absence of War was first performed in 1993 depicting the internal struggle emerging within a fictionalisation of the Labour party between the old style left and the new pulls to the centre. The frictions and the rhetoric of these ideological struggles makes Jeremy Herrin’s revitalisation ring familiar with our current political environment. Continue reading “Theatre Review: The Absence of War”

Dance Review: Park [Qmunicate]


Jasmin Vardimon, Theatre Royal, 28th January

What better place to explore the effects of current socio-political trends than a local, public park?

The London based Jasmin Vardimon Company first created Park in 2004 and has returned a decade later for a UK tour of the performance. Continue reading “Dance Review: Park [Qmunicate]”