Theatre Review and Audience Reaction: Coriolanus Vanishes (Video)

Dir. David Leddy, Tron Theatre, 14th – 22nd April 2017

This latest production from writer and performer David Leddy with Exit Plan Theatre Company at Glasgow’s Tron Theatre explored the conflicts and paranoia of a man battling an identity crisis.

Leddy plays Chris, a man fraught by sexual anxiety, family responsibility and ethical compromises due to his corporate job in the British and Saudi Arabian arms trade. Continue reading “Theatre Review and Audience Reaction: Coriolanus Vanishes (Video)”

Arts Preview: A Machine They’re Secretly Building

Proto-type theatre bring their new work, A Machine They’re Secretly Building, to Glasgow’s Tron Theatre next week as part of their UK tour.

Written by Andrew Westerside and Proto-type theatre, the play draws from the theatre company’s tradition of multi-media performance. Continue reading “Arts Preview: A Machine They’re Secretly Building”

Theatre Review: A Steady Rain [Review Sphere]


Dir. Mary McCluskey, Tron Theatre, 16th – 24thSeptember 2016

Taking a former Broadway play and adaptingit for a smaller stage space with a Scottish audience is tricky. There is the problem of dialect as the play in question, A Steady Rain by writer Keith Huff (of House of Cards and Mad Men), chronicles the brotherly relationship between two Chicago cops with thick, fast paced accents to boot. Then there is the issue of staging, the original script having detailed stage direction and large scale production.

Thankfully Theatre Jezebel’s performance jumps both of these hurdles. Continue reading “Theatre Review: A Steady Rain [Review Sphere]”